Golfito and the Golfo Dulce


SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCThe name Golfito means “little bay” in Spanish and this is the best description of this beautiful little town on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica. As the buildings of Golfito are all around the coast of the Golfito bay which is part of the Golfo Dulce. So you can enjoy a great view on the sea and the green islands within the Golfo Dulce from nearly every place in this town.

Golfito has a unique, authentical atmosphere. Founded in the 1920s the United Fruit Company (today: Chiquita Brands International) established a big banana industry in Golfifoto4to. Making the town to one of the biggest harbours in Costa Rica. In the 1980s the banana industry collapsed and the United Fruit Company left Golfito. However, these times form the extraordinary cityscape of Golfito till today. As the United Fruit Company built in those times a lot of beautiful houses in the style common in the US southern states which are still remained.

SAMSUNG CSC And Golfito is not only directly at the sea, but also surrounded by the rainforest which is amazing green all year long. This combination makes Golfito to a unique place in whole Costa Rica. In Golfito you can experience both at the same time: the astonishing specific flora and fauna of the rainforest – the National Park Piedras Blancas and the Refugio de Vida Silvestre de Golfito – with hundreds of tropical birds, the most colourful butterflies, monkeys, slothes and also an amzing sealife with dolphins and whales in the Golfo Dulce.

Furthermore Golfito is a perfect place to start different excursions in the area of the Golfo Dulce, like trips to the Osa peninsula with the Corcovado National Park, the jewel of the nature in Costa Rica.



The Golfo Dulce is a small golf in Costa Rica situated in the South Pacific coast of the country. It is divided in two admistrative cantons, Osa and Golfito.

The entrance starts at the Pacific ocean of Costa Rica and it extends sligthly to the north before it makes a turn to the west. In the most west part you can find the city of Rincon de Osa. The bay separates the Osa island from the continental part of Costa Rica.

In the north-east part of the Golfo Dulce there is the Piedras Blancas National Park (in former days it was an extensión of the Corcovado National Park, located on the south). Both areas  cover togheter more tan 56.000 hectars of protected tropical forest. Therefor it is a very important maritime area for sealife protection. In this water there live dolphins, whales and their calves, the giant shark whale and a huge variety of fish.

It is called Golfo Dulce because it often looks like a huge lake, without waves and sourrounded by the tropical forest. The waters of the gulf are so calm that on a day with little wind they become a perfect mirror of the sky.

It is one of the four unique tropical fjords of the world with a size of around 500 squarekilometres – along with the Gulf of Cariaco in Venezuela, the Galapagos Darwin Bay and the Bay of Kaoe in Indonesia.


When there is the talk of the fjords most people will think of Norway or Chile with their cold water and their glaciers, but in Central America, in the Costa Rican Pacific warm and in the middle of the rainforest hides one of the most vibrant in the region, the Golfo Dulce tropical fjord ecosystems.

For that it is no coincidence that the Golfo Dulce is one of the favourite destinations, both for fans of sport fishing as scientists and travelers seeking an ecological experience to enjoy an unsurpassed natural wealth.

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